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Immediate cash pickup

Is your recipient in dire need of cash? Send money abroad with immediate cash pickup option. Please note that this is available only to select countries.

  • 1Payments are effected to beneficiaries normally within a few minutes.
  • 2The service is available at selected agent outlets and subject to prescribed limits.
  • 3Presently Immediate Cash Pickup service is available for remittances up to AUD 2500 only.

Regular cash pickup

Or you can always opt to transfer money with a regular cash pickup option.

  • 1Beneficiaries can normally pickup the funds on the same day or within 2-3 working days, depending on the destination.
  • 2The service is available at all agent outlets.
  • 3Presently Regular Cash Pickup service is available for remittances up to AUD 9000.
  • 4Payments are effected to beneficiaries only after receipt of cleared funds in our designated bank accounts.

Available Locations

over 12000+ locations
over 15,000+ locations
over 6,000 locations
over 4,000 locations
over 4,000 locations
over 14,000 locations
Sri Lanka
over 1,000 locations
send money online with mobile

Send money on the go.

  • International money transfer in just a few clicks
  • Track the money you sent on the go
  • Benefits from greater biometric security